90’s Notation Software – Encore by Passport

This is an installer for the last beta (as far as I know) of Passport’s Encore music notation software. They sent it to me for pointing out a glaring bug in their lower level program whose name I can’t remember. The full release for this beta was never released (again, as far as I know). I got Sibelius and moved on.

I used it a few years ago to export my old scores as MIDI. Worked well enough to not have to re-enter everything. I was able to run it on an XP machine without too much pain as I recall. I don’t think I used any compatibility options. I think playback may not have worked, but I was able to export as MIDI.

I’m posting it because the company folded and recently I’ve seen a couple online mentions of the program because no modern software can import its files.

Here’s the installer.

Encore Beta

Good luck!