unRealBook Real Book Index Files

I’ve been using this incredible program, unRealBook for displaying sheet music on my iPad. Aside from the convenience of being able to take every PDF’d chart I have to any gig, it also supports annotations and exporting with such for other band members.

I also made a Bluetooth page turner on the cheap based on this plan:

with this at its heart:

Another really cool thing it supports is using index files to make your Real Books searchable (and therefore easy to use on a gig).

I found some index files online but had to do a bunch of work on several. I far as I can tell, they’re accurate now (or nearly so). There are inconsistencies in title conventions, but I think I’ve eliminated most of the errors.

Here they are, including a master index with all of these combined so you can load just the one index file and be ready to go:

unRealBook Real Book Indexes

Bill Evans FakeBook.csv
Colorado Cookbook.csv
Jazz Fake Book.csv
Jazz LTD.csv
Library Of Musicians Jazz.csv
New Real Book I.csv
New Real Book II.csv
New Real Book III.csv
Real Book I.csv
Real Book II.csv
Real Book III.csv
Standards Real Book.csv

The last one is the Sher publication, not “Just Standards Real Book” whose index file is more readily available.

The master list is All Real Books.csv

The only thing you may need to do is rename your Real Book PDFs or edit the CSV files to reflect the correct file name. Spaces in the file name are not a problem. Also, how you sort the titles determines how they display in unRealBook.

Warning: commas in the titles mess up individual titles, but not the whole file.